Paediatrics & Neonatology

The Paediatric department of Shifaa Multi Specialty Hospital is situated at level 3 comprising of NICU, PICU and paediatric wards. It was designed to have all the disciples of paediatric care as one compact unit to ensure 24×7 medical and nursing care.

Our newly created NICU is spacious, well ventilated and divided into three units to cater for 12 NICU bed and 2 isolation beds. 6 NICU beds are designed for sick neonates who need intensive level 2 care and 6 NICU beds for receiving stable patients, short term monitoring and phototherapy requirement.

Paediatric department has 2 paediatric ICU besides adjacent to NICU and 10 paediatric beds consisting of General ward, semiprivate ward and private room.
Paediatric and NICU patients are taken care by 5 senior Consultants having worked in institutions like Ramaiah Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Indira Gandhi Hospital, Sagar Hospital and also overseas experience.
We are determined to equip our NICU with level 3 care in future.

Our doctors are always kind, patient, empathetic and with poor friendly sensitivity. Every care is taken by administration and treating doctors not to burden families with unaffordable investigation and expensive treatment and depend mostly on clinical evaluation.

We are following universal screening for hearing, hypothyroidism and pulse oximetry on all babies to screen for congenital heart diseases. All our babies are vaccinated at birth and followed in paediatric OPD for comprehensive vaccination according to Indian academy of paediatrics vaccination schedule.

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